Due to the speed of change we are experiencing today, building an automation foundation is the essence of business resilience. COVID-19 changed the way business processes are executed, and it happened overnight. The pandemic has forced the fallback on technology without realizing the human-machine collaboration required to achieve digital transformation at scale.

So, are you ready to take this opportunity and leverage automation successfully?

To contribute to stabilizing the economy amidst COVID-19 and embedding resilience in your business against any potential risks to business continuity, you will first need to understand what your business is capable of and what organizational strengths you have that will support you through the transition. It is now time to gather your best minds around the table in your organization to contribute to strategic decisions that will lead your business out of COVID-19 successfully.

Respond, Recover, Renew

According to a recent Smarter with Gartner article, “Gartner sees the pandemic response in three phases. The duration of each phase will vary by country, industry, and enterprise — and by business unit, product, or service. The phases are defined primarily by activity at each stage.” Figure 1 below outlines the three phases of reset.  Do you know which phase are you in?

While each enterprise would take its own path to recovery, you can reframe your view of the pandemic, collaborate with your team internally, and partner with strategic businesses to support your digital growth. With this approach, you take advantage of this downtime as an opportunity to lead against the competition.  

As trusted advisors, Thynkli partners with your business to help define the current business model, identify uncertainties, assess the impact, and not only design changes but also execution. We focus on technology as a tool to enable your business growth, orchestrating human-machine collaboration in your digital culture to maximize ROI and ensure agility in your business to live through any kind of change.  

To discover more about the Thynkli process using Digital Twin technology see HERE.

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Figure 1- Three Phases of Recovery 

a graph that shows the stages of business recovery during a pandemic

Smarter with Gartner “Reset your business strategy in COVID-19 Recovery”, 3 June 2020.