Support Your Business With a
Data-Driven Model.



Data and Advanced Analytics

Data and Analytics Strategy  

To maximize value from your data, we help set up a governance framework to support decision-making. We co-create a dynamic data-driven strategy that relates data and analytics to business outcomes & translate stakeholder needs into value. To support the successful execution of your strategy, we connect it to your business operating model and identify capabilities needed for execution including:

✔   Core data and analytics competencies 

✔   Organizational culture 

✔   Governance Requirements 

✔   Business Processes 

✔   Technology capabilities

Data and Advanced analytics


Data Management


Data Management

We help you master data management by establishing the following areas:

  • Collect knowledge about data assets, including where they are, what format they are in, what level of quality they represent and their potential value to your business. 
  • Combine data sources, and organize it in a way that various functions can access the data when needed.
  • Convert and support accessing and ingesting diverse data types, perform transformations and allow independently designed data structures to be used toward a common objective. 
  • Customize by setting a framework for risk assessment, control and compliance as it relates to data quality, security, privacy and retention. 
  • Consume and democratize data sharing and make it available to different consumption points across your business. 


Advanced Analytics

Imagine a steady stream of insights that fuel your intelligent operations; faster, accurate and smarter decisions are made every day by your people to help you achieve your business outcome, improve customer experience, and discover new streams of revenue.  

Analytics can do that for you. Only after you mobilize your high-quality data and make it accessible at speed. Based on your business needs, we use a variation of reporting, predictive and prescriptive analytics along with other advanced techniques. Our process of analytic workflows is: 

  • Identifying and understanding the business objectives. 
  • Acquiring required data sources.  
  • Storing and transforming data into data models that can be analyzed. 
  • Processing the data and applying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
  • Visualizing data & creating situational awareness.
  • Automating business responses.


Advanced Data Analytics



Data and Application Integration

Are you looking to modernize your core operations and connect siloed systems?

Are you looking at a progressive incremental approach to mitigate risks?  

Integration initiatives are commonly complex as they connect multiple independent systems across multiple touchpoints and there are challenges such as scalability, flexibility, cost, security, and user experience issues. One of the primary challenges in integration is collecting various data from internal and external systems for real-time processing.  

We take a progressive incremental approach to modernize your core, that looks at data sources, applications and data flow to extract value. 

We use a hybrid integration strategy with Digital Integration Hub, which is an architecture that aggregates multiple sources of data in a data store with high performance, low latency, and high scalability that is accessible to different touchpoints through a front-end API layer. 

Data & Application Integration



Benefits of Digital Integration Hub (DIH) 

  • Modernize your legacy systems without ripping and replacing them. 
  • Provide real-time data and support a large number of business applications. 
  • Simplify the implementation of API services.
  • Improve the ability to track and analyze data. 
  • Share data with third parties in a secure manner. 


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