Use Process Intelligence For Operational Excellence.

as a Service


What is Process Mining?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to reveal process inefficiencies, potential automation and cost-saving opportunities in complex operations.  Mapping & analyzing business processes is often a time consuming and resources heavy task.  

  • Process mining to increase speed-to-value and provide objective visibility of business process performance. 
  • Process mining is a must-have resource prior to RPA and IoT initiatives to give full operational context. 
  • Process mining is a key accelerator to improve customer experience. 

Discover the advantages of
our scalable and cost efficient as-a-service model 

With our Process Mining as a Service (PROMaas), you accelerate your process improvement and realize the benefits without extensive resource utilization, without owning software licenses or any additional IT efforts for implementation. By drawing upon our rich experience in data and process analysis, we mine, design and improve your business processes for operational efficiency in a quick, cost-effective and scalable way. 



How Process Mining Works?

Data Extraction

We extract information from event logs recorded by your current information system, our data scientists transfer them into a certain format to process them using our process mining technology.


We analyze the results of your processes to discover and enhance process models, identify cost savings and automation opportunities, unwanted deviation and inefficient loops. 



We prepare your processes visually for you, with access to real-time data. We identify unwanted process errors, inefficiencies, cost optimization & automation opportunities.



Benefits of Process Mining as a Service

  • Analyze supply chain performance by visualizing your processes, remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Discover opportunities for automating repetitive tasks.
  • Meet regulatory and security requirements and ensure best practices are maintained across all your business operations.
  • No long-term investment in technology software.
  • Works with any system and with any process.