Create end-to-end Visibility Of Your Supply Chain.

Digital Twin


Digital Twin of Supply Chain

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a thing, person, or process. We take this concept further to model your supply chain and the interactions between ecosystems, assets, warehouses, logistics, inventory positions fueled by real-time operational data.  

Using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), we simulate the supply chain’s performance with its complexity to provide you with forward-looking insights to augment your decision making, find the weakest link in your supply chain with the highest volatility and risk, then identify opportunities for cost optimization and improvements.  

Supply Chain


Why Digital Twin of Supply Chain?

Decision Making

Decision Making

Enables Scenario planning to be more proactive than reactive, and mitigates risks rather than manages crises. 

Creates visibility over  end- to -end Supply Chain.

Understands the impact and trade-offs of plan decisions by running – ‘What if’ analysis. 


Hyper Automation

A digital twin of supply chain workflows is heavily automated as processes are augmented with Machine Learning to continuously learn to improve efficiency, eliminates manual errors, improves data accuracy and increases supply chain speed in facilitating decision-making at multiple stages in the lifecycle.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operation

Enables sophisticated real-time monitoring and adjustments. 

Discovers cost optimization opportunities across the value chain.

Improve CapEx planning.



How Does it Work?

Digital Twin of Organization (DTO) is a customized solution that integrates multiple systems, technologies, and data sources in your organization to achieve business outcomes. It starts with an architecture and business modeling exercise to define business operating system, then working on the infrastructure to create centralized data, and applying business rules using algorithms and AI predictive analytics models to create situational awareness, and allow for continuous planning and improvement in business operations (Process, People and Technology).

Think Big


How To Get Started?

We guide you through the process to jumpstart your digital supply chain journey.

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Think Big

  1. Define your problem statement, identify your potential use cases.
  2. Conduct a rapid assessment to select a use case with the highest return on investment.   

Pilot Small

3. Identify data and resources needed.

4. Deploy iterative proof of concepts to prove the value, continuously learn and improve.

Adopt Fast

5. Engage people to enable behavioral change and adopt data-driven decision making.