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Thynkli’s Digital Twin of Organization

Gartner defines Digital Twin as a virtual representation of a thing, person or process. We take this concept further to model the interactions between ecosystems, customers, things, people and systems. Our focus is to deliver an adequate management model for long-term, organization wide cost optimization.
We start with digital twinning your Procurement as a core enterprise process that connects your supply chain; we connect operational data in your organization to external data to respond to changes and deliver customer value within your ecosystem.
We build multiple composite digital twins that represents processes and business units all connected to create the Digital Twin of Organization. Read more about the different types of Digital Twins here.
Digital Twin Journey



Why Use a Digital Twin?

Decision Making

Decision Making

Data availability and connectivity in digital twins enables situational awareness, and provides visibility and understanding of internal and external interactions. This level of information supports decision making and provides governance framework 



Digital twins augment business processes with AI and ML for continuous learning using integrated realtime data to update models dynamically
Intelligent Operations

Intelligent Operations 

Digital twins will enable the continious discovery of cost optimization opportunities across the organization, enabling investments towards maximum business value, automating the discovery, monitoring and improving of  business processes and operational model. 


How does it work ?

Digital Twin of Organization (DTO) is a customized solution that integrates multiple systems, technologies, and data sources in your organization to achieve business outcomes. It starts with an architecture and business modeling exercise to define business operating system, then working on the infrastructure to create centralized data, and applying business rules using algorithms and AI predictive analytics models to create situational awareness, and allow for continuous planning and improvement in business operations (Process, People and Technology).

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