Technology today can provide invaluable guidance when navigating an uncertain future by making tools available to build a better, albeit different, world for tomorrow. Technology skeptics see the threats and speak of fear, doubt and false hopes instead of utilizing its vast potential for change.

Leverage Technology

Corporate strategies earlier this year were vastly different from what they are during the global pandemic. Those businesses not adapting and leveraging technology will be contributing to a potential $2 trillion hit to the gross GDP of the world economy. But investing in business continuity strategies can protect business from catastrophic meltdowns. Designing and testing applications to ensure stability will expedite recovery time after the business community stabilizes from the COVID-19 pandemic. Business continuity planning is vital to protecting core business functions from disruption and minimizing the impact of business operations.

Operational Productivity & Continuity

Business continuity planning for a pandemic requires businesses to make workforce protection a priority, in addition to maintaining operational productivity. While certain businesses may not be impacted by a pandemic directly, key points in supply chain will be affected due to strict regulations enforced by governments to control the outbreak. Identifying a single point of failure in your business ecosystem is crucial for your business continuity and for your customers. 

So how do you build an Intelligent Business Continuity Plan? 

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and the vast amount of data available for businesses today will solve complex problems and provide a clear course of actions. Automating business processes and defining triggers, supported by real-time data feed into performing impact analysis, risk assessment, plan development and testing. The real-time data and insights will uncover significant dependencies that may be hidden in complex supply chains, providing you with multiple options based on your business objectives.  

Intelligent Business continuity is a cloud-based tool that automates processes powered by real time data, with embedded algorithms to initiate various business-related actions to reduce the response time to a crisis.

Enabling technology to support human’s capability to make decisions in emergency is more important than ever; automation can free resources to creative problem solving and collaboration to save lives. 


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