Covid19 confronted us with our broken processes and the ways we work. Global uncertainty has created a heightened need for real-time data and resilient supply chains. Changing customer expectations are creating challenges for procurement and capital allocation. This is what created the urgency to change!

To create operational resilience you can apply a set of techniques that allow people, processes and systems to adapt to changing patterns. It is the ability to ramp up and ramp down operations in the face of changing business conditions.  

Building resilient operations that is cost effective while increasing productivity is challenging when ecosystem is scattered & not integrated, automation is key for connected ecosystems. This is where DigitalOps emerges to help drive resilience in business operations. DigitalOps is a business process framework designed to simplify, measure and manage processes across the enterprise. The DigitalOps toolbox includes a range of technologies such as RPA, process mining, digital twin of organization and low-code application platforms.  

As leaders look to optimize and transform digital business operations, they face a dizzying array of choices. Questions such as: What processes should I automate or reinvent first? How can I deliver value quickly? How can I deliver value sustainably?

To maximize your investments in technologies and reduce the risk of process redesign, It is important to know that there is no “One size fits all” approach to process automation. Instead, thinking strategically about building your DigitalOps capabilities using different technologies for automation and integration like RPA, Process Mining and Digital Twinning is the answer. 

Your journey starts with connecting your business outcomes to your automation strategy and defining what you want to achieve with automation. Then start building your DigitalOps toolbox to apply different technologies to solve business problems. 

Here are some core technologies we use at Thynkli to build your DigitalOps capabilities:

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)– focuses on task automation where there is routine, repetition and predictable tasks.  

iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management System) including process mining to discover, monitor and improve processes by extracting knowledge from information systems event logs; to automate, orchestrate complex business processes that connects ecosystems. 

Integration Services using APIs and Data Hub– An integration platform that uses a wide range of connectors to orchestrate business processes with defined APIs and efficient data integration strategies across applications, Internet of Things networks, enterprises and ecosystems. 

Digital twin of organization (DTO) – A dynamic software model of an organization to look at your organization’s operating model and reduce end-to-end business operating costs. 

At Thynkli, we specialize in building your Digital Ops capabilities and create the right mix of automation tools to solve your business problems.

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