In today’s challenging business landscape, resourcefulness has become a vital skill for survival and continuity. Thynkli Enterprises Inc. was founded to promote collaboration through profitable partnerships by linking ecosystems of technologies and organizations to deliver tangible business value.  

Application programming interfaces (API) are an essential part of technology modernization and creating a digital business, as they provide the means to integrate products with application processes and data. However, it is common to make the mistake only seeing API’s as technology, instead of basing the company’s business models, digital strategies and ecosystems on them. API’s are the foundation of digital businesses as they allow the business to monetize data, initiate profitable partnerships, and open the floor for innovation.  

To Capture the Value of API’s 

While you may already use API’s in your organization, you will need more inner and outer API’s to create a connected platform that not only enables intelligent responsiveness and transformation, but also make data and functions accessible in a secure manner. Capture the value with a strategy and governance in place.  

The art of stitching applications to create a digital fabric through API’s lies in your digital strategy. The strategy defines the set of business outcomes and capabilities, which in turn define how the organization should deliver those capabilities digitally. Then, you can design your API’s from the “outside in” based on your business outcomes rather than on existing applications and technology infrastructure. The customer journey is a good place to start stitching the siloed IT systems to deliver a seamless customer experience. Then, democratize data and link them to advanced analytics, and access infrastructure across public- private cloud.  

Realize transformation with a Digital Twin of Organization

API’s connect IT systems including internal and external data to a Digital Twin of Organization, a technology platform that connects people, operations, and things to unlock the value of ecosystems in the digital age. 

At Thynkli, we honor your strategic business direction. Therefore, we start by defining your digital strategy. We work together to determine your business outcomes to make sure you have a compass to navigate digital transformation and reach your destination successfully. Contact us to get started on your Digital Twin of Organization! 

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