Build Operational Resilience.


Construction companies face different challenges in an industry that is continuously evolving. The scope, complexity, and cost of projects are rising as a result of increases in material costs which lead to: inaccurate estimates, inefficiencies in processes, lag of technology adoption, business units operating in silos, lack of visibility of the supply chain, and no specific KPI’s to measure and track. With the rise of these challenges, companies accumulate overhead cost and are unable to respond quickly to changes.

Building Information Modelling
Change Management


By deploying Thynkli’s operational digital twin, your organization will be able to connect every asset including processes, systems, architecture, infrastructure, customer interactions, supplier network, business capabilities, strategies, role and responsibilities, products, and services to access real-time data and enable a holistic, non-disruptive view of your organization. In turn, this allows cost reduction opportunities and to benchmark operational performance across project portfolios. With a high level of transparency along with a focus on strategy alignment, employees will enthusiastically engage in change to build a data-driven agile culture. Now, the company is able to actively manage the complexity of change, build an intelligent operation system, reduce costs, and grow its business.